3/20: CRO Blog

CRO Rolling a Joint

Introduction- Last month marked 9 years since the day I officially became a medical cannabis patient. My 18th birthday. I found cannabis years earlier and it instantly improved my quality of life. Doctors offered pills to focus, pills to sleep. Pills for the side effects and pills because big Pharma holidays, why not.  But one plant and I was free. May 31st of 2018 I attended, Mike Tyson’s Health and Wellness summit. Mike’s mission into cannabis industry with Tyson Ranch was authentic and I wanted to be a part of the journey. I offered to do anything I could to help. Get coffee, roll Mike joints, park cars, roll Mike joints, roll mike joints. A themed devolved and I became the Chief Rolling Officer… with a business card to prove it.  Well, enough about me – I want to introduce you to my blog – The CRO Blog.  There is a lot of epic stuff that is coming from Tyson Ranch and if you wanna hear more about what we are up to along with some behind the scenes, education and inside scoop, you can follow me here monthly starting on the 20th