4/20: CRO Blog


A secret code for stoners in the know is now a national holiday recognized by mainstream society. Well, maybe not quite, but you know we’re getting close when cannabis dispensaries are considered an essential business. There is still much work to be done though. People are still in prison for a plant. 

However, considering you’re reading the CRO blog I guess I’m preaching to the choir and you’re here to read about the awesome stuff we’re up to at Tyson Ranch. Like how Mike just sat down on the Hotboxin’ podcast with the OG legends, Cheech and Chong.

We also just dropped a new strain, The Southern Toad, testing at 38% THC and 45% total cannabinoids. If you haven’t been smoking the classic pheno all year consistently hitting 35% THC you may think this a typo. But it’s not. It’s potency that packs a punch like the champ himself. I’m not going to lie, it’s been a LONG chapter in preparation

The other day my mom saw me scrambling around for all the 4/20 preparations and told me, “you know 4/20 isn’t till Tuesday.” I declared if Santa and the elves were still working on Christmas Day it would be a messed up Christmas.  So, merry Christmas ya’ filthy animals. Roll one yourself, cuz the CRO is taking the day to celebrate 4/20. 

Sorry to keep the blog short, but it’s almost 4:20 and it’s time to smoke. Check back next month on the 20th