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It’s been a month since 4/20 but let’s be honest.. Do we really need an excuse to medicate? So pack the pipe, roll one up or just sit back and catch a contact high. If you’re a recreational cannabis user you probably rolled your eyes when I said “medicate” but even if you just smoke pot to kick back and relax at the end of a long day; cannabis is still providing medicinal value. Whether you have a serious condition like epilepsy where cannabis can be life changing or if it simply improves your quality of life with a better nights rest, the plant has great medical benefits through its interaction with our endocannabinoid system. That’s the beauty of the plant. As we shifted from the prop 215 medical cannabis days to a recreational market it’s easy to get caught up in the hype and the fun of celebrity brands. But Tyson Ranch is so much more than that. Mike Tyson is using his platform to spread the message. Cannabis benefited him in transitioning off toxic pharmaceuticals to a natural alternative. Tyson is not licensing his name as a green rush business move; he has real passion for the plant. Why do you use cannabis?

3 thoughts on “5/20 CRO Blog

  1. John Austin Blackwell II says:

    I use and like cannabis because their are no hang overs, lingering effects and I experience a comfortable relax feeling.
    I truly believe the alcohol / tobacco and big pharma are pushing hard against legalization. It is said that people’s quality of life have to suffer in the name of profit.


    Why??? There are a lot of reasons but I’ll break it up into two categories…I use cannabis both medicinally and recreationally.

    Medicinal Reasons:
    Stress reliever, reducer, and as a means for preventative stress
    Anxiety aid, puts things into perspective, calms the nerves, helps me get out of any crippling effect
    Insomnia relief, as well as inducing a more regenerative, deeper sleep than without cannabis
    Asthma benefits include, expansion of the lungs which opens the bronchial airway for easier breathing with more than without cannabis airflow
    Asthma with cannabis negatives: Cannot use a bong of any kind without suffering from wheezing or possible attack…also cannot do the dabs either; my lungs react with wheezing and possible attack much like with flower out of a Bong. I use a bubbler as my primary piece. A pipe when the bubbler’s not convenient, and joints. Lots of joints. Yeah, I smoke the whole thing each time.

    Recreational Usage:
    Brian functions are increased…Allowing for me to function on a higher level which yields improved, better than results. Cannabis allows me to perform better in everyday life. Brain functions are increased, confidence is up and the times are good.

  3. Hugo Sondys says:

    High my name is Hugo Sondys ,Iam a Vietnam veteran,when I came home from Nam, I could not find a good job ,as soon as I said that I was nam vet people would not call back , though I was a druggie ,not reliable ,I had a wife and a daughter,had to work pumping gas for $4.00 hour it was hard dealing with my war problems in my head, and a family and all that goes along with being a father and husband. Back in the 70″s had good red bud and good Mexican cannabis, Iam considered 100% disabled from exposure to the agents the government sprayed on their land by using cannabis as a medical ( self medicating) device to cope a lot of my problems threw life ,now I am retired and 70 I enjoy cannabis as much as possible, Although I live in north Carolina ,I saving up to come to the tyson ranch to enjoy the best to be smoked,Thank You for your article very good reading

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