CRO Blog: Cannabis Concentrates

What were you smoking this 710? Chances are you were smoking Tyson Ranch Flower but with the Toad variants consistently testing over 35% THC and 40% total cannabinoids, can anyone really blame you? 710 is to dabbing what 420 is to smoking weed. And I know a lot of people reading the CRO blog don’t need to be told that dabbing is smoking cannabis concentrates. But concentrates have come a long way in the last decade. I remember back when I first heard about dabbing. We were using skillets and dirty titanium to take thousand degree dabs. Back then, it felt so futuristic compared to high knifing but now most of those rigs are obsolete. A lot has changed since the prop 215 days. Unfortunately 50 foot hash bars are no longer a thing. But concentrates are extracted using the cleanest methods and tested for residual solvents, pesticides, and other impurities. And you can smoke it at the click of a button to preset temperatures. I guess you could call us pioneers, but in reality we were smoking material with dirty solvents and were probably just high on benzene. I’m serious. Cannabis oil at 932 °F turns to Benzene which is extremely harmful and over 750 °F releases dangerous chemicals. Be careful taking hot dabs. 710 isn’t a recommended temp, it’s OIL spelled backwards. What temp do you dab? PS: stay tuned for some cannabis concentrates dropping soon. 

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