CRO Blog: West Coast Toad

How a cannabis strain gets its name can be a controversial topic. Following the Seth Rogen hit, it seemed like every dispensary had Pineapple Express on their menu but few lived up to the hype. Not every “Pineapple Express” was actually the Trainwreck x Hawaiian cross. Unfortunately, people will change the name of a strain just to make it sell better. This is where the controversy arose. And it makes sense. When people are renaming strains to simply help it sell better, distrust is only natural. So what do you do when naming a new phenotype? From rap songs to the top shelf, Sherbinski did it right with Gelato. He paid homage to the lineage and called to the sweet aroma of the cultivar. He took it a level deeper and defined the phenotypes, (Bacio Gelato 41, Gello Gelato 43, and Acai Berry Gelato 47). Different phenotypes of the same strain are like siblings; they both have characteristics from their parents but have subtle differences. While the number classifications help differentiate and find keepers during the pheno hunt process, I like how Sherbinski took it to another level and gave each phenotype an individual name. Imagine naming your children kid#1 & kid #2. When our cultivation partner did a pheno hunt with the GSC x Chemdawg cross commonly known as GMO, they bred some special extremely potent variants. Testing over 35% THC, this strain had psychedelic qualities Mike compared to the Toad. So rather than GMO # x we named this pheno the Toad to give light to the individual characteristics while honoring its lineage and highlighting the GSC x Chemdawg cross. The newest member to the Toad family was crossed with Sunset Sherbert x Motor Breath. The West Coast Toad. Why West Coast Toad? Because this cross embodies the West Coast with its flavor from the Northern California classic, Sunset Sherbert and the gas associated with Southern California OG’s and at 36% THC the West Coast pheno lives up to the Toad ‘s reputation.

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