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Understanding Cannabis

Whether you’re just getting into cannabis or you’re a seasoned user, there is always room for a little more clarity. We want to make understanding your experience as easy as possible. Below are a few starter points.

Factors that Effect Your High

  • Terpenes
  • Tolerance
  • Cannabinoid Profile
  • Consumption Method
  • Body Chemistry
  • Set & Setting

Choosing the Right Strain

Every individual feels and experiences the effects of cannabis differently; your experience is unique to you. Choosing the right strain has a profound impact on the outcome of your cannabis experience. Each individual strain (chemovar) has a unique chemical makeup which typically includes THC, CBD, terpenes, and other minor cannabinoids (CBG, CBN, THCV, & more). These compounds all play an important role in determining the strain’s (chemovar) physiological and psychoactive effects. When trying a new chemovar it’s important to know and understand the plants entire profile.


What are Terpenes (Terpenoid/terps)?

Terpenes are organic compounds that give cannabis its unique aroma, flavor, and effects. These compounds are one of the most common plant chemicals found in nature. In fact, they can be found in all herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Cannabis produces over 200 terpenes but only about 30 are found in significant quantities. The key thing to remember is that these naturally occurring compounds influence and enhance our experiences, particularly what we taste, smell & feel.

Why are they important?

Terpenes are found in all plants, meaning we interact with them every day, often without realizing it. When you smell a flower, bite into an apple, or zest an orange, you are consuming terpenes. Thanks to decades of research we know that isolated plant terpenes have numerous therapeutic benefits. For example, linalool a terpene found in lavender is known for its anti-inflammatory & calming effects. Studies of these individual compounds have shown them to help with a range of ailments such as inflammation, anxiety, pain, and many more. The more you understand terpenes, the better you will be able to utilize them for their healing properties.

Top 10 Prominent Cannabis Terpenes:

  1. Myrcene
  2. Caryophyllene
  3. Pinene
  4. Limonene
  5. Humulene
  6. Linalool
  7. Terpinolene
  8. Ocimene
  9. Nerolidol
  10. Bisabolol

Understanding Whole-Plant Medicine

It’s important to understand that we have barley begun to understand the therapeutic potential of cannabis. Scientific research suggests that in order to maximize healing, you want a product that includes all of the plants compounds rather than an isolated version. Why is this? Both cannabinoids and terpenes affect receptors in our endocannabinoid system which is what allows for cannabis to work naturally and therapeutically in the human body. Current research has shown us that although THC or CBD contain their own therapeutic qualities, ultimately, they are less effective on their own. This can be explained by the entourage effect.

  • The Entourage Effect is a phenomenon that suggests the whole cannabis plant-terpenes, cannabinoids, & other phytochemical’s- is greater than the sum of its parts. This means that the various chemical compounds that makeup the plant interact synergistically and therefore, produce superior psychoactive & therapeutic effects.