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With over 50 years of industry experience our team of experts seek out and hand select the best AAA indoor flower California has to offer. Our strict quality control processes ensure each strain is cultivated in its optimal environment, fully flushed, and slow dried, yielding impressively potent buds. Our flower has all of the “no-brainers”, no pesticides, no industrial trimming, no bugs, no nonsense. At Tyson, we believe in sharing the experience that drives us in delivering premium, hand crafted cannabis for connoisseurs and new users alike.

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Extracted from “Better Cannabis”. Tyson ranch offers a variety of cannabinoid-rich, full spectrum concentrates. Our whole plant extraction method retains the maximum number of cannabinoids & terpenes. Infused only with true cannabis terpenes for optimal aroma, flavor, and unique effects. Perfect for anyone looking to avoid the hazards of burning other terpenes.

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Tyson Ranch edibles are made with high-quality, decarboxylated full-spectrum cannabis oil. Each piece is individually wrapped for easy, on-the-go access. Perfect for the new user or the connoisseur looking for a consistent and pleasant edible experience.

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You can’t say DWiiNK without a smile. Seriously, try it.

Now that we’re all smiling, let’s talk about DWiiNK. It’s refreshingly hydrating CBD water. That’s it. It tastes like water. It moves like water…Just with the added benefits of CBD. DWiiNK has no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives because like we said, it’s CBD water.

Stress Less. DWiiNK More.