The Legend

Mike Tyson became a household name and is what American success stories are built upon.  Born in Brooklyn, in an impoverished neighborhood, he literally fought his way to the top.  He became the youngest heavyweight champion at the age of 20 years old and still holds this record to this day.  Mike Tyson’s early success did come with it’s share of controversies but what is so remarkable about Mike Tyson’s story is his compassion and resilience.  His ability to capture the hearts of people all across the world because of his fearless uncanny ability to be vulnerable with his heart and have compassion for all mankind is the real Mike Tyson.

Mike’s recent comeback from retirement broke Pay-per-view records and has surged his popularity and social media presence astronomically.  Mike is a world champion, businessman, entertainer, motivational speaker, author, spiritualist, and philanthropist.  Although if you ask Mike Tyson what his greatest accomplishment to date has been, he will gladly reply… “A loving father”.